Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall 2011

We are thoroughly enjoying Fall here in Moses Lake. There is actually a Fall season here and both Tyler and I are loving it! A few mornings we woke up to 14 degree weather...so different than So Cal! I remember wearing sun dresses in November last year! I love being able to wear sweaters, scarves, and comfy boots!

Tyler took these pics. The leaves have been so beautiful! The pic on the left is of the sidewalk outside our apartment, the one on the right is a pic taken outside of my school. There are huge piles of leaves all over our campus...the kids love playing in the leaves at recess! The picture on the bottom right is a snapshot of the temperature gauge in our car a couple weeks ago...chilly!

Here are some pics of Ellis happenings in the last few weeks...

We carved pumpkins! It's one of our family traditions. This is year #3!

Our finished pumpkins. Mine was polka dots and Ty's was the Buffalo Bills logo!
This past weekend Tyler spoke in "big church" for the first time. He preached in all 3 services at our church and I must say he did an amazing job (you can listen to his message through podcast on livethecall.org). He worked so hard to prepare his message. I am incredibly proud of him. God is truly using him and working through him. I am beyond blessed to be married to a man who wholeheartedly pursues the Lord. Tyler's mom wanted to be here for the big weekend so she flew out from California! We had a wonderful time with her. What's nice about her visiting is she comes from a place where she has access to everything, so while she was here she was perfectly content just relaxing! We had a great time watching Netflix, sleeping in, playing Sorry, drinking lots of coffee, eating TONS of good food, and having meaningful conversation. We haven't seen her for 8 months so we had a lot to catch up on! Tyler's dad really wanted to be here too, but it was a big weekend at the Grove so he couldn't make it for this trip. Maybe next time!

After church
It was hard to say goodbye to Mom Ellis yesterday, but in a couple weeks we will see my family for Thanksgiving and at Christmas we will see Ty's family. I love this time of the year. I love holidays. I can't wait to spend time with the wonderful people who we love and miss dearly.