Saturday, March 30, 2013


Tyler and I have been wanting to purchase bikes for awhile now. We loved to ride bikes in California, but haven't had any for over 3 years. In Southern California there was a lot to do so we stayed busy visiting Disneyland, the beach, going to parks, walking Mt. Rubidoux, etc. We didn't think about not having bikes as much because there were so many other things to do. Last summer we realized how much we missed having bikes and while we did enjoy playing catch, disk golf, and taking walks, we started to think it would be nice to have bikes again. Last month, we finally made our bike purchase while we were away on a weekend getaway! The weather is getting warmer and we are already loving being outside in the sunshine and riding!
 Safety first!
 It only takes a few minutes to ride to Starbucks!;) Every great bike ride involves a pitstop at Starbucks!:)