Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Ellises in December

Wow! December has been a whirlwind. I seriously do not know where it went. We have been busy! Here's what we have been up to!

We attended our little church progressive dinner. What fun! We are so thankful we got connected with a little church this past fall. It has been so fun getting to know the other people and couples in our group. They have been a big blessing and encouragement to us the past few months.

Disneyland. Disneyland during the holidays is a must for the Ellises. We were able to visit 2 times this holiday season which I think is pretty impressive considering our busy holiday schedules!

We had a fabulous date night at the beginning of December. We started out the evening with dinner at CPK, followed by a stroll around the Mission Inn to look at Christmas lights. We ended the night by stopping in to see Tyler's mom Leslie at Phood on Main (where she works) and she treated us to dessert there....delicious!

On a separate night Tyler and I took a drive around Riverside to look at Christmas lights. We visited Chapman Place for the first time; an entire street of beautiful homes with beautiful lights! I was a very happy girl gazing at lights with a Starbucks hot cocoa in-hand!

We spent Christmas with my side of the family up in Redding. We had a great, restful time with family! My parents just moved into a beautiful new home and it was nice to spend time with them there. I wasn't sure how I would do going to a new house that wasn't "my" house, but I did better than I thought I would. We lived in the last house for 9 years so I have so many fond memories there. When my parents first told me they were moving I cried and cried. Tyler and I took a drive by the old house so I could have some closure. Wow, I am sounding so dramatic.;) It just amazes me how strongly memories and emotions go together. Anyways, I didn't take many pictures on Christmas (surprising, I know!), but here are a few!

Decorating cookies:)
Tyler is a master cookie decorator.:) Really.

When we arrived home from Redding Tyler and I had our husband/wife Christmas! This was our 2nd married Christmas...time has just flown by! Tyler spoiled me with great clothes, beautiful jewelery, pajamas, a new sweatshirt and Sees dark chocolate bordeauxs! :) I am a lucky lady.:)

We still have one more Christmas with Tyler's side of the family. I love this whole 3 Christmases thing!;) We will celebrate with them on New Years day!

I hope that your holiday season has been as blessed as ours! :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas in the Ellis Household:)

I love decorating for all holidays, but decorating for Christmas is my favorite. It has been so fun collecting decorations over the past couple of years. My parents can practically create a winter wonderland in their house and if you ask my mom how she has accumulated so many decorations, she will tell you that she bought a few things every year and now has boxes and boxes of decorations. That's my plan! ;) I am so thankful that Tyler gets into the holiday decorating too! We are really just two kids at heart. Oh and by the way, how is it already our 2nd married Christmas together? Where did the time go? Here are some pics of our cozy little apartment decorated for Christmas.:)

Being silly. Seriously, 2 kids at heart!

I love turning all the lights off and lighting the candles. So tranquil.

Snowman cookie jar:) Thanks Leslie!

I realized after taking this picture that our nativity was set up wrong. Now Joseph and the kneeling wiseman have traded places. Silly me.

Just added this cute lil' sign a couple of days ago

Dining table

Oh Christmas Tree...

There are many things I love about So-Cal. There are so many fun activities at our finger-tips. However, I do not enjoy that it's more complicated to cut down a fresh Christmas tree. When I lived in Nor-Cal it was easier to do. The mountains were a bit closer than they are here. It feels a little strange to choose a Christmas tree from a Lowes parking lot, but hey, it works! We chose a healthy 6ft Noble Fur and I must say, I am happy with it.:)

Posing with our tree:)

Hmm...which one?

Bringing it up our stairs...

Pictures of our decorated tree coming soon!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


I have decided hockey is my favorite sport to watch. I think it's so fun to watch the players dash all over the ice and chase after that little puck. Hockey is easy to understand and fast-paced! I stay interested the whole time. I think another reason I like hockey is that when we go to a game I get to bundle up and feel so cozy and warm. I love to bundle up! We attended an Ontario Reign hockey game this past week and had a great time! I am not one to promote violence, but fighting during hockey is fascinating to me! I always ask Tyler, "Why do they let them fight?" I remember when I went to my first hockey game a couple of years ago I had no idea that the players were allowed to fight...I was mortified at first, but then kind of got into it. There was a gnarly fight at the Reign game and although I was a little mortified in the beginning, I secretly kind of got into it again! Shh...don't tell anyone!;)

Right before we left for the game:)

Excited to actually wear a scarf in So-Cal. That doesn't happen often!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Leila's Birthday!

A few weeks back we celebrated Leila Kate's 2nd birthday. This is my favorite picture I took from her birthday dinner. Uncle Tyler sure loves Leila. How cute are they?

This is me 2 years ago holding Leila Kate for the first time when I came down to Riverside to spend Thanksgiving with Tyler's family. Crazy how time flies!