Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Snapshots (So far...)

Summer 2012 is in full swing! We have been very busy!! I can't believe how quickly our summer calendar has filled up. Several people have asked me if I have had a lot of time to relax since school has been out and the answer is not really! Haha! Today was a rare day when I didn't have to be anywhere and it was wonderful!

Here are some snapshots of our summer so far!

Promotions: We had the pleasure of attending both middle school promotions and watching as our 8th graders were promoted to high school. Tear:( I love this group of 8th graders and I am sad to see them go.

Ty and I with Madison. We will sure miss her.

Urban Plunge:  We led an awesome trip to Spokane called Urban Plunge. We took 12 awesome junior highers and were blessed to serve at the Union Gospel Mission and the Women's Crisis Center. It was a great trip.

VBS: Tyler and I were in charge of recreation games! Whew...those kids have a lot of energy! I loved their excitement and enthusiasm.They were sure fun and kept us on our toes.:)
Tyler overseeing a VBS game:)

Youth group events: Our summer calendar is full of pool parties, bonfires, lake days, a water slide trip, a trip to Silverwood, and our upcoming trip to Portland for ENTER! Here is a pic from a recent bonfire (S'mores....yum!) we had with our 4th/5th grade group (Tyler heads up both the 4th/5th grade group and 6th-8th grade group).

Here are some other random snap shots from this summer!!

We have been able to go disc golfing a few times! Such a fun summer activity!

We got to babysit the cute Alcorn kids for 2 nights! They were so fun!!

I have been working on lots of school projects and have already begun lesson planning for next year. Yes, the work never ends....even in the summer!;) Thankfully, Pinterest helps make it fun!

Enjoying a beautiful summer evening:)