Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tyler Turns 25!

On June 4th Tyler turned 25! A quarter century!

So handsome on his birthday:)

We had a great day celebrating. We slept in, I made him a big breakfast of french toast, turkey bacon, and eggs, we lounged around the house, went to dinner at Red Lobster in Tri-Cities, and ended our night with Frozen Yogurt at a great shop we found in Tri-Cities a few weeks back (we're hooked!). The night before Tyler's birthday we had friends over for dinner and shared his birthday cake with them. We knew the 2 of us couldn't and shouldn't eat a whole cake ourselves so I made it a day early so they could help us eat it (I still ended up throwing 1/3rd of it away after a few days!). I made the famous Ellis chocolate cherry yummy.

Our wonderful day briefly turned not so wonderful when we walked out to our car as we were leaving for dinner and discovered our car had been keyed. Not only was it keyed, but our hood was keyed with profanity. I was shocked. We live in a good area and it just proves that it can happen anywhere. I really can't believe how badly some people behave. Err. Anyways, we tried to not let it get us down and ruin our evening. We filed a police report the next day and are in the process of getting it fixed (our whole hood has to be re-painted). Thankfully, a father of 2 of our students does auto body work and is doing the work for us. We trust him completely and know he will make it all better. Life never gets boring around here!;)

Girls Party and 100th Post!

This is my 100th post! Woo hoo! I can't believe I have written 100 of these things. When I decided to start a blog last year I was determined to stay consistent with it and I am happy to say I have.:) Blogging is like my journal. I get to write about about the blessings and challenges in my life. I really wish I could get more of my friends to blog!

A couple weeks ago I hosted a junior high girls pajama and movie night at our apartment. Tyler was in Missouri for C&MA general council and I knew I would need to find things to fill up my time while he was away. I saw it as a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with our darling junior high girls. Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings are so busy that I don't always get a chance to connect with all the girls, so it was great to have them over and get to know them better. :)

Here is the counter BEFORE the girls arrived with all their candy! Each girl was supposed to bring a favorite candy to share. Oh my goodness....the entire kitchen was overtaken with candy! We also had pizza and cheesy bread. What's better than lots of estrogen and lots of junk food?;)
I chose 3 of my favorite movie candies to share (It was hard to narrow it down to 3!). Due to my blood sugar issues, we don't have candy around a lot, so it was a special treat:)

Peanut butter M&M's
Starbursts (By the way, Starburst came out with an ALL PINK bag of candy! I love it because the "pinks" are my favorite!)
Sour Patch Kids:)
The girls ended the night with a game of Truth or Dare. Nothing says junior high like a good game of Truth or Dare!:)