Monday, May 7, 2012

Little Balcony Makeover

Tyler and I live in a little 1100 square foot apartment. We have been asked many times when we are going to buy a house or move to a bigger place. At this point, we are content with what we have. We have what we need. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, it meets our needs plus some. Oh and we have a washer and dryer which we did not have in our last apartment in Cali.....that is a big deal! I am always praising God for those 2 lovely appliances we now have!  Don't get me wrong, there are things that would be so nice to have: central air conditioning, a bigger kitchen, more storage, privacy, etc! Sometimes I dream of being able to paint my own walls and do whatever I want to MY space (Pinterest does not help these longings!), but then God reminds me how blessed we are! No good comes from dwelling on what you don't have, but lots of good comes from being thankful for and embracing what you do have. Maybe one day it will be part of God's plan for us to buy a home or move to someplace bigger, but for now we know we are here and we are trying to make our little space as cozy as possible. :)

So, let me just get to the point: OUR BALCONY WAS DRIVING ME NUTS! One thing that is hard for me is not having a backyard space to enjoy. I grew up with parents who loved to garden and I always had a lovely backyard space to enjoy. Our balcony is our outdoor "space" so I knew I needed to embrace it and make it a enjoyable space. It was an eyesore before. Take a look!

See our lovely view from our patio?;) Haha! It sometimes makes me a  bit crazy that we face a busy street, but oh well!


Here are some afters! It's amazing what a trip to Home Depot can do!:)

Here is a picture of our flowers today. They are blooming beautifully! We just added a planter box this weekend....yay flowers!


No matter what size space you live in, it's important to make it your own! :) We now love eating on our balcony and as soon as it is a bit warmer in the mornings, it will be a lovely place to do our devotions!