Saturday, September 24, 2011

September Update...

September is most definitely flying by! In only 7 more days it will be October! I am giddy that yesterday was the first day of Fall! From now until right after my birthday (January 27th!) is my absolute favorite time of year! I love everything about Fall!

Life in the Ellis household is going well. I have been in a bit of shock trying to adjust to teaching full time and supporting Tyler in ministry. I am exhausted. I have been putting in long hours everyday at school and then bringing work home to do in the evenings and on the weekends. I am trying to find balance and take time for myself; I'm learning how to do this. I am so thankful for Tyler and for his patience with me. There has been more than one day where I have been an over-tired, grumpy girl! He's so good about figuring out what I need and taking such good care of me. I am blessed with a wonderful help-mate!

Although I have been exhausted, I absolutely love my job. I really can't imagine doing anything else. Yesterday, my kiddos were doing a Fall painting project and I was walking around the room helping them and I had a moment when I just stopped and thought, "Wow, I get paid to do this." Tyler and I weren't called to jobs that are going to make us millionaires, but we sure do feel fulfilled and love our jobs. I'm pretty sure not every millionaire can say that.

I totally need to update my blog with pictures of my classroom, life, etc, BUT if you remember, our camera decided to die on our vacation in Florida, so I have nothing for you. We will be buying a new camera next weekend when we go out of town for date night, and then I will finally have some!

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