Sunday, March 18, 2012

If you would have asked me...

If you would have asked me even a year ago if I felt called to teach in a Christian school I would have said no. I honestly didn't feel a call to ever teach in a private school. It's funny how God always has his own plans.:) I have been radically blessed by my job at Moses Lake Christian Academy this year. I thought I would share this article that I had the privilege to write for our donor newsletter back in December. It's just a small glimpse into how blessed I am to be teaching in a school where I get to share Jesus.

Jesus is in the Classroom!
By Mrs. Tiffany Ellis, Second Grade Teacher

What a joy it is to share the good news of Jesus with my students! During the weeks
leading to Christmas, we talked about the real reason for this Christmas season, to
celebrate the birth of Jesus! We also talked about the life of Jesus and the ultimate
sacrifice he made for us so that we may be part of his family.
When I asked my class if they knew how to become a member of God’s family and
spend eternity with Him, I found many of my students were surprised to hear that we
need to ask Jesus into our heart. Together we talked about what a big decision it was
(the biggest of our lives in fact!) to ask Jesus into our hearts and the importance and
meaning of the words in the sinner’s prayer. I encouraged my students to think about
the sacrifice Jesus made, the love He has for us, and the blessing that comes with being
in His family. Many of my students became very quiet (that’s unusual!), and I could
sense God working in their little hearts. As we ended our Bible lesson on this day, I told
my students that if they felt they wanted to make the decision to be a part of God’s
family they could talk to their own families, a pastor or teacher at church, or they could
come and talk with me and I would be happy to talk and pray with them.
The next morning, I had the privilege of leading four precious students in the sinner’s
prayer. What blessed me so much was hearing the sincerity in their voices; I believe
they weren’t just repeating the words. They believed them. In my class, we have a
tradition of doing “happy dances” when we accomplish something. After we finished
praying, we decided that this momentous occasion called for a happy dance! One of my
little ones looked at me and exclaimed, “I am a member of God’s family!”
This is a day I will never forget for the rest of my life and one on which I was reminded
why God has placed me at Moses Lake Christian Academy. I know it wasn’t about
anything I did this day but only that God is working in this school and in the lives of the

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