Thursday, February 25, 2010

"So, how is married life?"

I love how since we have gotten married, so many people have asked me this question! Haha! I know it is the obvious question to ask, but I always sort of giggle now when people ask me this because I am asked it all the time. I wonder what they would do if I said, "Oh, it's horrible!";)

Married life is amazing! I honestly am so blessed each and every day by my wonderful husband. He is my best friend and I could have never imagined I could love someone as much as I love him. As excited as I was for my wedding day, I was so much more excited to just be married. I think society has gotten so carried away with weddings. It truly saddens me to see and hear about how much emphasis is put on the details of one day. I have heard about many people who are still trying to pay off their debt from their big day. Yes, I was stoked to plan a wedding, wear a pretty dress, and carry beautiful flowers. However, I was so anxious to just be married. I feel like sometimes brides and grooms-to-be forget about what comes after the big day. They are solely focused on picking out the perfect cake and planning every last detail, that they do not stop to remember that their wedding day is just one day. Our wedding day flew by so fast. Everything did not go perfect. No matter how much planning Tyler and I put in to our wedding, things still went wrong. It did not matter how much money was spent to ensure things went smoothly, things still went wrong. The things I expected to go wrong went right and the things I never dreamed could go wrong...well...they went wrong. :) Did I cry? Yep. Was I a little overwhelmed? Uh huh. Am I thankful that I kept reminding myself that it was only one day out of a lifetime to come? Oh yes. Was it all worth it and incredible? Absolutely. It makes me giggle now. It was a wonderful day that I will always remember. At the end of July 17, 2009 I was still Mrs. Tyler Ellis and it sure felt great and still does!
I love being a wife. I love investing in my relationship with Tyler. I love walking through life with him, although we have already been faced with our fair share of challenges. I love that Tyler challenges me to be a better woman and to have a deeper relationship with Christ. I love that he always listens to me. I simply love him.:)
We are both busy working hard! Tyler is still working at the Grove with the high school group and he loves it! I am currently substitute teaching and boy do I have some great stories to tell at the end of every day! I worked so hard for my credential and can't wait for the day when I have my own classroom. It's disappointing to see what's happening with education in California right now, but I know God has a plan for me and I just have to keep looking towards Him although I do not see His plan right now. I am just thankful we both have good jobs which provide for our needs. We are quite excited to see what the future holds for us!

Right before we walked in to our reception. So happy to finally be Mr. and Mrs. Ellis!!:)

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  1. You are so right about the wedding DAY. The retreat we went on while engaged has a saying, "a wedding is a day, a marriage is a lifetime." I always share that phrase with people because it's so true and many people in society today have completely forgotten it.

    Great job on your blog! You can read ours too at