Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vegas Vacation!!!

A couple weeks ago we were able to escape all of our responsibilities and get away to Las Vegas with my parents and brother. Ahhh...It was so incredible. We had such an amazing time. We were able to sleep in, stay up late, lay out in the sun by the awesome pool, eat yummy food, explore downtown Vegas and the strip, visit fun attractions, AND see my family whom we miss so much! That was the highlight of my whole trip...seeing my family! Our hotel was fantastic. Our room was BEAUTIFUL and spacious. I definitely could get used to that life!;) Hehe! It was refreshing to get away and not only spend time with my family, but with my Husband. I would say that since Christmas life has been extra busy. Both Tyler and I felt so relaxed on this trip. No work or meetings to worry about...we left those things at home (Well okay, let's be honest...Tyler did send ONE email on the trip! I let it slide!). It was a wonderful week.:) Here are just a FEW of the 280 pictures we took!

After just arriving at our hotel!

It was a little windy our first day there!

Ty enjoying the pool!

Going out our first night there! We were starving!

So happy to be on vacation!

Downtown the first night!

In front of the shark tank. The blue streak going through is the water slide!

The pool was STELLAR! A water slide through a shark tank!!:)

Lion exhibit at the MGM Grand!


My parents surprised me with a beautiful Juicy Couture bracelet to congratulate me on getting an A in my first Masters class! I literally cried as I was picking it out in the Juicy store! I always admire the bracelets at Nordstroms, but actually picking one out from the Juicy store was even better!

Love my Mom:)

Posing with Donny Osmond's Dancing With the Stars trophy! My mom still has the biggest crush on Donny!

At the Luxor!

At the Flamingo! We got to see flamingos up close and personal!

In front of the Venetian!

Walking down the strip!

So in love:)

It was so much fun to see my family! I miss them so much already!

It was really fun posing with the pirates and parrot! The guy charged us $1o for these pics, but I think they were well worth it!



The volcano eruption at the Mirage

Tyler's birthday dinner at California Pizza Kitchen! He loves Thai Pizza! (Haha..get it Ty loves Thai?!) Ok, enough corny jokes for now!

The AMAZING Bellagio fountain show! Tyler and I put staying at the Bellagio in a room where we can see the show on our bucket list!

This guy was awesome!

Me in front of my store!;)
I have always wanted to visit Las Vegas. I was a little apprehensive though...I mean I have always heard it referred to as "Sin City!" However, I was pleasantly surprised how much family oriented things there were to do! It was great! I can't wait to visit again!


  1. I think we need to plan a trip there together!! It'd be so much fun...if you could stand spending a few days with us!!

  2. Oh my goodness! We would LOVE it!