Monday, May 2, 2011

Ellis Easter 2011

Tyler and I had a great Easter! It was our first holiday without family around. It was definitely a bit sad, but Tyler and I were both excited about continuing to establish some of our own traditions in our little family of two. Our new reality is that we won't always get to be with family on holidays. It's up to us to make sure we have our own traditions and make our own special memories.

Last year we started a tradition of dying Easter eggs. We had every intention of doing it this year; we even bought extra eggs and dye. Well, my life has been a bit consumed by school recently and Tyler is still settling into his new job. Life ended up getting crazy and we didn't get a chance to dye eggs. We were bummed, but there's always next year Lord willing!

Last year we also started a tradition of exchanging Easter baskets. We did again this year! I must confess that we both picked out some of the things for our own baskets though! We both needed some new clothes and so we picked some out as part of our Easter original I know.;) Once again, life has been so busy so this just worked for us! We also don't typically don't have a lot of candy around, so it doesn't make sense for us to fill up baskets with candy. Tyler did surprise me with some Forever 21 earrings and mini Cadbury eggs.... both my fave! We also were a little nontraditional and exchanged baskets on Saturday night instead of Sunday morning, since Tyler has to be at church at 7:30 on Sundays. We were both feeling extra tired and decided the extra sleep on Sunday morning would be worth exchanging our baskets a little early!:)

Ty's basket. Forgive me for my lack of creativity this year.:) Next year I won't be writing a thesis at Easter! This was Tyler's childhood Easter basket, his mom sent it to us. I love that she has saved special things from her boys' childhood.

My cute basket. :)

After church on Sunday we made a yummy meal! Tyler barbequed steaks with a delicious blue cheese topping. We also had deviled eggs, salad, and garlic bread. Side note: having bread with a meal is a treat for us! We really try to stay away from carbs as much as possible, so having garlic bread is very special!

Yummy meal:)

Tyler bought me these pretty spring roses! Perfect for Easter!

Another special new tradition: This year both Tyler and I read through the Easter story on our own each day of Holy Week. We both read it in various gospels. On good Friday Tyler suggested we read through it in Luke together. This was a very special time and a new special tradition. I love studying scripture with my Husband.

We had a wonderful Easter! He is risen!

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