Monday, July 11, 2011


Back in June our dear friends Emelia and Emily were in Seattle for a visit with friends. We of course had to go see them! Tyler and Emelia were especially close friends during college. I like hearing their hilarious stories from their Simpson Days. Emelia has an amazing heart and she is loved by us Ellises! Emily holds a special place in our hearts too! She was the missions coordinator when Ty and I were at Simpson. Emily is so genuine and is passionate about missions and social justice. Tyler and I have actually been able to meet up with her 2 times in the past couple of years so we feel blessed!
I had been itching to visit Seattle for the 1st time and let me tell you, I LOVED it! We were only there for about 7 hours, so I can't wait to go back and see more of the beautiful city!

I loved the market!

Tyler is trying to hide his excitement;)
It was fun to visit the random shops at the market! Emelia thought this would be a good pick for our friend Josh!

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