Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's So Nice To Be With Family...

Tyler and I are in Redding visiting my family and it's so very nice to be with them. It had been almost 4 months since we last saw them in Las Vegas and I couldn't take it anymore; I needed to come see them! It's so nice to be in Redding. I was telling Tyler yesterday how my feelings about Redding have really changed. For my entire life Redding was my home. When I first moved to Riverside, I still felt my home was in Redding. For the longest time, I would come to Redding and feel like my heart was still here. After almost 2 years in Riverside (whoa! time flies!), I really do feel like Riverside is now my home. Our little cozy apartment in my home. I have finally embraced Southern California and all it has to offer. Yet, it's still SO wonderful to come to Redding, see my family, and enjoy the slower-pace of life for a few days. It's the strangest feeling to drive from one side of town to another in ONLY 10 minutes in Redding! It's amazing to not sit in traffic! It's hard to get used to there only being 2 lanes on the freeways here, versus 4 in So-Cal. Here are some highlights from our trip so far. We are still here until Monday, but have had so much fun already. Sorry I don't have pictures...I left my camera at home!
-The cooler weather in Redding (ahhhh, I miss living in a town that actually has seasons!)
-Dinner at Logans (I have missed those rolls!)
-Tri-tip dinner on my parents' beautiful patio
-Sleeping in:)
-Having extra help for my kindergarten prep work! (Thanks family!)
-The beautiful Fall decorations in my parents' home:) I love Fall:)
-Bubble baths in my mom's huge tub:)
-Manhattan Bagel
-My mom and dad spoiling us with gifts:) They spoil us so much when we come to visit!
-Getting our car serviced for a much cheaper price than in Riverside!
-Long talks with my mom and dad. Oh how I miss them...
-Getting to see Summer! We laughed so much! I miss that girl!:)

We have more fun things planned for tomorrow! We get to see the Berg family and Brianne!! Yay!!

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