Saturday, September 25, 2010

Why Yes, I love Fall!

I am so happy that Fall is officially here. Someone just needs to let Riverside know because today it was 107 lovely degrees. Not okay with me.

I have tried to make our apartment "Fallish."My mom has always decorated for holidays and seasons and has definitely passed that love on to me. The other day I told Tyler that I can't wait to build up my Fall and Christmas decoration stash like my mom's. His eyes got huge....I think he saw dollar signs everywhere!! ;) My goal is to buy a few things every year to build up my collection. I got a good start with both Fall and Christmas last year and I am already trying to add to it this year.

I have Fall scented candles scattered throughout our home and it sure smells wonderful! :) My mom had a few Fall goodies for me last weekend when we went to visit! She got me some yummy smelling candles and a cute candle holder. Love it!

I am proud of my $2.50 snag from Target! Isn't it cute?!

I love my table decorations. I found the wheat bundle and pumpkins at Sprouts. Love that store. I picked up some ribbon, spiced up my plaque and candle holders and voila!

This morning Tyler and I had apple-cinnamon waffles and it felt like fall....minus the fact that the air conditioner was on.:)

In a few weeks we are going to Oak Glen with our friends the Richey's to go apple picking. I can't wait! Bring on the homemade apple crisp!

I can't wait to bake my first loaf of pumpkin bread. Yumm.

Last year Tyler and I carved our first pumpkins together and started a tradition we will carry on forever. :) I am excited to pick out our pumpkins and carve them this year!

Yay for Fall!!!

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