Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas in the Ellis Household:)

I love decorating for all holidays, but decorating for Christmas is my favorite. It has been so fun collecting decorations over the past couple of years. My parents can practically create a winter wonderland in their house and if you ask my mom how she has accumulated so many decorations, she will tell you that she bought a few things every year and now has boxes and boxes of decorations. That's my plan! ;) I am so thankful that Tyler gets into the holiday decorating too! We are really just two kids at heart. Oh and by the way, how is it already our 2nd married Christmas together? Where did the time go? Here are some pics of our cozy little apartment decorated for Christmas.:)

Being silly. Seriously, 2 kids at heart!

I love turning all the lights off and lighting the candles. So tranquil.

Snowman cookie jar:) Thanks Leslie!

I realized after taking this picture that our nativity was set up wrong. Now Joseph and the kneeling wiseman have traded places. Silly me.

Just added this cute lil' sign a couple of days ago

Dining table

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  1. So pretty Tiffany! I just haven't gotten there yet! We need to get together soon!! We miss you guys!