Saturday, December 4, 2010


I have decided hockey is my favorite sport to watch. I think it's so fun to watch the players dash all over the ice and chase after that little puck. Hockey is easy to understand and fast-paced! I stay interested the whole time. I think another reason I like hockey is that when we go to a game I get to bundle up and feel so cozy and warm. I love to bundle up! We attended an Ontario Reign hockey game this past week and had a great time! I am not one to promote violence, but fighting during hockey is fascinating to me! I always ask Tyler, "Why do they let them fight?" I remember when I went to my first hockey game a couple of years ago I had no idea that the players were allowed to fight...I was mortified at first, but then kind of got into it. There was a gnarly fight at the Reign game and although I was a little mortified in the beginning, I secretly kind of got into it again! Shh...don't tell anyone!;)

Right before we left for the game:)

Excited to actually wear a scarf in So-Cal. That doesn't happen often!

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