Friday, July 5, 2013

And That's A Wrap!

The last month of school is always crazy for me, but so much fun! I always get to May and wonder where the school year went. The days and months seem SO long sometimes, but the year sure flies by fast.

I absolutely loved my group of 2nd graders this year and it was very bittersweet to see the school year come to an end. Many people have asked me why I haven't applied to teach public school so I can make more money. Tyler and I have given lots of thought to the prospect of me working in public school and I have been close to applying. But, I LOVE my school. I love the students, the parents, and my coworkers. The other teachers I work with have become some of my best friends. Yes, I could go to public school and make more money and yes, sometimes it's VERY tempting, but I don't know that I would be nearly as happy. Money isn't everything. I know God has me where I am at and I know that the best place to be is where God wants me.

This year I only had 12 kiddos (I started the year with 14 but two moved for various reasons) and let me tell you...amazing. There are some great perks to working at a private school! So far for next year I think I have about 16...still such a great number! I feel for all you teachers with 30! I really feel like I can give each of my students individual attention and help which makes my teacher heart happy. 

At the beginning of May a group of amazing parents at my school put on a WONDERFUL teacher appreciation week. Us teachers were so spoiled! We were blessed with coffee, lunch, our cars washed, not to mention many amazing gifts from our students. I love that parents at my school work so hard to make the teachers feel loved and supported. I had many stressful days that were brightened due to the generosity of the families of my students. 

I had a great school year. I am blessed!

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