Friday, July 12, 2013

June 2013

June was a month bustling with activity. I laugh when people say things like, "Oh it must be nice to have the whole summer off and nothing to do." Ummm....that's not the case. :) I married a youth pastor...summer is a crazy busy time for youth ministry!

Tyler and I were very blessed by a visit from his brother Scott at the beginning of June. The 5 days he was here went by WAY TOO FAST. It felt like he had just got here and then all of a sudden it was time for him to go home! He was here the week we bought our house (I guess I need to post about that too eventually!), so it was kind of a crazy week with that but Scott was so wonderful with all the craziness. He was here for Tyler's birthday so that was lots of fun! Tyler and Scott enjoyed lots of disc golfing during Scott's visit and we also played lots of Wii, ate a ton of good food, and just had a great time! The last two days of Scott's visit we  traveled over to Seattle for a Yankee game and the Yankees won! Woo hoo!!
Love this guy. A real man will carry his wife's pink blanket with no shame. I married well!
 Love these Ellis men!
 We had to visit the market of course. This place just makes me smile. 
 Beautiful flowers from the market. 
 Did you know Starbucks has pink coffee sleeves now?! I squealed when I saw them. It's the little things that make me happy!
 On the way home we were stopped for almost 3 hours due to a semi truck rolling over and blocking both lanes. It was a bummer but thankfully no one was hurt seriously. 

Just a few days after Scott left our church held their annual VBS. Tyler and I are in charge of recreation. It rained 4/5 days which meant we had to do games in the gym, which was tough but I think it went as well as it could have!

This was our 3rd VBS in Moses Lake and the 3rd year this cutie was attached to Tyler.

The last week of June we took a group of our junior high kiddos to ENTER in Portland. Enter is a mix between a missions trip/summer camp. Each day we completed a service project and also enjoyed lots of fun activities. It's a great introduction to our students about what it means to serve. My favorite thing we did this year was visit the Union Gospel Mission in Portland. Most of our students were completely out of their comfort zone which I was thankful for. I think it's powerful for our students to see life through a different lens. I hope the trip was impactful for our students and planted a life long seed in them about the importance of serving others. 

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