Monday, March 22, 2010

Disneyland Date Night!

Tyler and I are so thankful that we have Disneyland passes for the 2nd year in a row! It's nice to just jump in the car and drive down to Disneyland for a night of fun! This past Friday we had dinner at Rain Forest Cafe and then watched the Electrical Parade (one of my new favorite things!). We didn't even try to ride anything (that's what weekdays are for!) since it was so busy, but it was nice to once again take in the sights, sounds, and yummy smells (churros anyone?!) of the happiest place on earth! We always end our night with ice cream from Main Street (I love me some sprinkle cones with chocolate ice cream!)!! :) Here are some pics from this past Friday!

Electrical Parade! So colorful!!

I think Disneyland will always be a special place for Tyler and I. It's where we got engaged (I still get butterflies thinking about that night!) and have spent so many fun times together!:)


  1. I totally remember when Joe and I had passes before kids, how much we LOVED cheap date nights because it was so fun and everything was kinda already paid for. But it's so annoying that the second you get there I'm all the sudden starving for Dland food!
    Cute pictures!!! I'm having Disney withdraws!!!

  2. I totally know what you mean Tawny!! As soon as we walk in to Downtown Disney I always want some kettle corn and have to hold myself back!!:)