Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Redding Weekend

This past weekend Tyler and I were able to take a very quick trip up to Redding! We were seriously there for a day and a half! After driving for 10 hours to get there, I would really prefer for a more extended stay, but we have to take what we can get! We took a group of 4 high school students from the youth group up for the Genesis preview weekend at Simpson so we had a built in excuse to see my family! It's definitely hard to be so far away from my parents and brother, so I welcome any chance to spend time with them. We had not seen them since Thanksgiving so a visit was much needed.:)

Although there are many perks to living in Southern California (beaches, beautiful weather, Disneyland...just to name a few!), there are things I miss about Redding! Shocking I know!;) Redding is so very tranquil compared to Southern California! There is no traffic or waiting in lines everywhere you go! There are only 2 lanes on the freeways! A carpool lane is unheard of up North! Why would you need one of those? ;)

Even though our trip was a quick one, we got to do some fun things!

Here we are with yummy sesame chicken from Yuet Bistro!! We definitely miss this Redding restaurant!

My wonderful mother took me shopping on Friday night!:) We have an Old Navy in Riverside, but it's so much more fun when Mommy pays for it!:) She wanted to treat me to some new spring clothes and I didn't complain!:)

We got to make a quick stop at the Sundial Bridge! Tyler and I used to go on walks, bike rides, and scooter rides all the time here when we both lived in Redding and when he came to visit me. We even have a favorite bench we love to sit on there and thankfully no one was sitting on it so we could!:)

We both have lovely double chins in the above picture, but it was the only one I took of us sitting on "our" bench so I had to post it!

Tyler skipping rocks!

Me attempting to skip rocks!;)

I wish I would have taken a picture of our bagels from Manhattan Bagel! My dad brought us some on Saturday morning! Yum! We have a bagel shop right near our apartment in Riverside that we like, but I like Manhattan Bagel better I think!;)

I also got to have coffee with Ally and I didn't get a picture of us together! Ohhhh...I didn't get one with Summer either!:( BOO! She and her husband Tyler came by my parents house for a visit! I was happy to see them both!!

Overall, it was a great weekend!:) It went by way too quickly and I miss my family and friends already!

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