Saturday, April 3, 2010

Beach Date Night:)

Last Sunday Tyler surprised me and said we were going to go on a date at the beach! I love the beach and was so excited when he told me!:) Last Saturday morning I woke up and told him how much I was missing the beach and wished we could go, so he decided to take me on Sunday!:) We had a blast! I love when we first get to the beach and roll down the windows to breathe in the fresh beach air.'s so good for the soul. I came back from our date completely refreshed and ready to take on the busy week ahead!

Right before we left for our date!
We walked down the pier at Huntington and watched the beautiful sunset.:)
It was very windy.;)
We ate dinner at BJ's. It's one of my favorite restaurants.:

Tyler with his Cuban burger!:) Look at his pinky!;) Haha! I had delicious parmesan crusted chicken. It was so yummy!

We topped off the night with a pazookie, but for some reason that picture does not want to cooperate with me!:)

It was an awesome night!:)

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  1. the pinky thing is a belson thing. my dad and mitch do it. and if i remember grampa belson did it also.