Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Love....

....MY NEW JOB!!!

Seriously, I do. It's amazing. I am so incredible exhausted from this week, but I love my new job. I feel so blessed beyond belief. River Springs Charter School=awesome! I love their philosophy of education. I love that I can be creative and have fun and they encourage it! My students are so cute. I love little ones. I really didn't know a job like this schedule is AWESOME! My new coworkers are helpful and resourceful! I am thankful. My new boss is wonderful! :) I really feel so lucky! It feels so amazing to be dream to teach is being fulfilled and that thrills me. My legs ache terribly from being on my feet so much the last few days, but it's worth it! I think my voice is going to have to adjust feels strained...once worth it!

Thank you God for this great new opportunity.

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