Thursday, August 5, 2010

Snooki and THE Situation!

Tyler and I were both counselors at the Grove's summer high school camp a few weeks ago. This year's theme was "Paparazzi." The theme was centered around Ecclesiastes and the idea that everything under the sun is meaningless. On one of the nights there was a "Dancing With the Stars" dance party and everyone was supposed to come dressed up as a famous person. Tyler and I weren't super into the idea at first because we couldn't think of anyone we both could be! I mean let's face it, how many five foot tall blond actresses can you think of?! Seriously, I do not resemble anyone famous! We were both wracking our brains trying to think of who we could be! Finally, one night while we were out on a walk it hit me. My idea was just plain ridiculous...

Meet Snooki and the Situation...

We like to fist pump!

Do you like my orange face?:) I know...I know...we aren't super convincing, but hey, we tried! I tried to look as trashy as possible!

I love me some GTL!:)

The VERY White version of the Situation!;)

Good times:)

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  1. just a thought for next time... Shakira is only 5'2'' You guys looked great though :)