Friday, October 15, 2010

Making Strides...

Exercise is crucial to my well-being. If I don't exercise, I just feel plain poopy. I am more tired, more emotional, more stressed, and more insecure if I do not consistently exercise. Exercise is also vital for my health. Since I am insulin resistant I have to constantly be on guard against diabetes...exercise is one of the biggest things I can do to make sure I stay healthy. Recently Tyler and I have been trying to work on our cardio endurance. Mind you, this is much easier for Tyler than for myself. He is a pretty athletic guy by nature, so he is in pretty good shape. I have been consistently exercising for years now, but I have always hated running. Put me on a treadmill at a 20 incline and I will walk up that treadmill for 90 minutes as long as I don't have to run! I have always incorporated a little running into my workouts, but seriously nothing over a mile.

The last couple months I have been working on building up my endurance and how far I can run. We have been running Mt. Rubidoux; it's such a beautiful place to run, especially at sunset. I like running at Mt. Rubidoux because it isn't just flat terrain....there are some steep spots and I like that. It has been so challenging to start running, yet so rewarding. I can now run 2 miles without stopping and it feels so great. I even told Tyler yesterday that it's getting a little too easy for me and I need to step up my game. My goal is to eventually run all of Mt.'s about 3 miles. Right now I walk about a mile uphill and then run the rest. I know 2 miles doesn't sound like a lot, but when you are a girl who has never found running is a lot.;) I feel stronger now and that's a wonderful feeling.

I am so thankful for Tyler and for his motivation and encouragement. We always say that I am the one who motivates us to get out the door and exercise and he is the one who motivates me once we are actually exercising. Sometimes I just want to give up because I am so tired and it just plain hurts to run sometimes! My legs start burning and I think I can't make it another. Tyler doesn't let me give up. He motivates me to keep going. Tyler could easily run ahead of me and much farther than me...but he never makes me feel like I am slow or weak. I am so thankful for a husband who exercises with me and cares about his health and the health of his wife. We always talk about how we want to be good role models to our kids and encourage them to live an active lifestyle.

I am thankful for the small strides I am making. I won't be running in any marathons in the near future, but you might just see me running in a 5k down the road. We'll see what happens.:)

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  1. Good job girl! I hate running I commend you for doing 2 miles. That seems like a lot to me too! Lol. You should try an Herbalife shake in the morning and one for lunch! They are so healthy and they give me tons of energy too! All natural products, just tons of vitamins and minerals for your body :) I even heard tesimonies recently of people who had diabetes and it was gone after Herbalife! So you may have even a LESSER risk! Just throwing that out there, cuz it's been amazing for me!