Friday, October 29, 2010

Orange County Get-Away!:)

Two weekends ago Tyler and I were able to escape away overnight to Orange County for date night. It was blissful! We had such a great time. We checked into our hotel in the afternoon and just spent time talking. It was so nice to be away from everything and just spend time in good conversation talking about our marriage, hopes, and dreams. It was truly refreshing.

We went to Elephant Bar for dinner and let me tell you...I didn't count calories. Okay, well maybe I did look at the nutritional information to try and be somewhat healthy...but hey, you have to splurge a little sometimes!:)

After dinner, we headed over to the mall and I picked out some goodies at Forever 21.:) Even though we have 2 Forever 21's in Riverside it was still fun to check out another one! I LOVE Forever 21.

We ended the night at Yogurt Land splurging in some delicious Fro-Yo. The cookies and cream frozen yogurt was scrumptious. Yumm!

Tyler and I had such a great date night away. It was awesome to get away in the middle of such busy times. Special thanks to our friend Brandon Burns for hooking us up with a sweet hotel room!:)

This is the only picture I took the entire night. Boo on that!

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