Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oak Glen

First of all, this post marks my 60th post! Crazy!

Okay, now on to the good stuff! Last weekend Tyler and I went to Oak Glen with our good friends the Richey's! I had never experienced Oak Glen so I was quite excited! Ever since I moved to Riverside I have heard that Oak Glen is the perfect place to visit in the Fall, and we all know how much I love Fall, so of course I had to check it out for myself! I had a glorious time! Oh my, what fun it was! The whole day was ALL about Fall and I loved it! The Richey's were excellent guides and spent the whole day showing us all that Oak Glen had to offer. Here are some photos of our wonderful day.:)

In the car on our way! I was pretty giddy with excitement!

The Village in Oak Glen. Posing by the horse!

Tyler in the Village. There were so many cute shops!
A cool antique dish display! My mom actually has some of these same dishes.

We love the Richey's.

Tyler and Neil eating some delicious apple pie doughnuts. We also had apple cider doughnuts...oh my goodness...bliss in every bite!

Entering the petting zoo.

Later this same goat jumped on me and got me all dirty...oh well though. So fun!

Tyler and Neil throwing acorns at me. In college Tyler and his friends used to throw acorns at my roommate and I....well actually at our dorm window. Tyler and I always joke about that being the beginning of our romance. ;) Look at him smiling...he was reminiscing!;)

Making music with an acorn. My silly husband. But he's oh so cute.

The pumpkin patch.

I was a happy girl.

I wasn't expecting this! He makes me smile.

Neil being a goof.

Did I mention I think he's cute?

We went apple picking! Here is my cute lil' apple! Organic apples=happy Tiffany.
Under the apple tree.:)

Picking apples.

Me being silly while picking apples!

Monica and I. She is such a great friend.

Silly boys.:)

Walking down the lane on our way to pick apples.:)

Okay, what do you see when you look at this?! I see an old grumpy man!!

Oh Neil!

My caramel apple treat I brought home! It was dipped in dark chocolate, caramel, and sprinkles!
It was delicious...

Ty and his treat!

Our bowl of beautiful organic apples!!

We ended the night with the Richey's at the Spaghetti Factory for dinner.:) It was a great day!! i can't wait to visit Oak Glen again next year!


  1. Great pictures, Tiffany! Glad you guys had fun! I still need to get some pumpkins and do some fall-ish type pictures with Madelyn!

  2. I want to marry that caramel apple. Shh...don't tell Steve.:)