Saturday, May 22, 2010


I am always reflecting. It is just what I do. I wonder if I reflect more than the average person?

Lately, I have been reflecting on all sorts of things, but tonight while I was vacuuming (yes, I reflect a lot while vacuuming!) I was reflecting about how this time last year I was getting ready for my first bridal shower. Rebecca and Brianne threw me a beautiful shower and I remember how excited I was because the wedding was getting so close. If I was having a bridal shower it MUST almost be time for the wedding. I was so excited to see my friends and family.

I was also reflecting tonight about how excited I am for a normal summer this year. Last summer was INSANE. Not only was I getting married, but I was in 4 other weddings, all of which I had to travel for. Last year at this time Tyler was in New York to be the Best Man for his friend Brett's wedding. We were living and breathing weddings! Haha! This summer will be so different! Don't get me wrong, last summer was great...I mean I got to watch my close friends get married and I married my best friend! This summer Tyler and I get to enjoy a season jam packed full of fun things!

In just a few days we are headed to Las Vegas to spend 4 days with my parents and brother. I can't wait! We are staying in an AWESOME hotel (the pool is complete with a shark tank and 3 story waterslide!) The pool at our hotel was #7 on Yahoo's Top 10 Most Amazing Hotel Pools. I can't wait to just get away with my Husband and family and enjoy our time together. We are also going to celebrate Tyler's birthday while we are there which will be lots of fun!

Tyler was asked to speak at a youth retreat up in Big Bear in June and I get to tag along for that too. I am so proud of him. I know he will do great and I am happy I will get to be there to support him.:)

We are leading a missions trip back to Watts in June as well. We went last year and it was an INCREDIBLE experience. I can't wait to go back. We have an awesome team again this year! I can't wait to see what God does in their lives over the course of the week we are there.

In July our WONDERFUL friends Chad and Ally are coming to visit!! Ahhh!! I can't wait! They will be here to celebrate the 4th of July with us and I am already counting down the days till they are here! We miss them so much. They are the BEST couple to double date with!

In July we also get to go to summer camp! I didn't get to go last year because it was so close to our wedding, but I am going this year! Yippee!

AND in July we also get to celebrate our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! Tyler isn't telling me much about what we are going to do, but I know him and he always plans the best surprises. About a month ago he asked for some ideas of places I would like to go, but I really have no idea what he will plan!

There is no doubt our summer will also be filled with lots of beach trips and bbqs! We will also take advantage of Tyler's parents lovely pool!;)

Although last summer was amazing, I am quite thankful that this summer I am married and just get to enjoy being with my Husband.:)

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