Sunday, May 2, 2010

So Nervous!

Today I start my first Masters class and I am feeling SO nervous! I do not know what my issue is. I am used to school. I am going on my sixth year of college between undergrad work, credentialing, student teaching, and now my Masters. I guess this just feels BIGGER. I have to write a thesis. OH GOSH. I am scared about balancing all of my responsibilities. I am adding school on to my already busy schedule. Will I be able to balance everything? How will I fit in observation hours on top of working? I hope so. I just keep thinking that it is good I am doing it now instead of waiting till down the road after we start a family. I cannot even imagine working on a Masters while being a mom. That seems almost impossible to me! I only have 5 one month classes left and I will have my Masters. I can do that right? It works out well that I am starting this month because Tyler also just started his Ordination process which is a TON of work, so we are both striving to achieve a goal together. He is a great encourager, so I know when I am feeling like I can't complete another assignment or research paper he will be there to cheer me on. So, here I go.:)

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