Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Miss These Faces...

Sweet Sadie Joy at just 2 weeks old.

Auntie Tiff with her girls:)

It's no secret how much I adore my nieces. Leila Kate and Sadie Joy bring me so much happiness. They are lights in my life. We have lived in Moses Lake 3 weeks today and it's really sinking in that I won't get to see my nieces on a weekly basis. I know Leila Kate knows who we are since we have been around the past 2 years of her life, but I am afraid since Sadie is so teeny-tiny and we won't be close as she grows up, she will not feel bonded to us like Leila Kate does. I know Tyler and I need to be very intentional about sending the girls cards, treats, etc so they will know who we are. I never lived close to my aunts or uncles, but the ones I feel closest to now are the ones who were intentional about keeping in touch with me regardless of distance. My dad's sister, my Aunt Janet still sends me birthday cards and I am 25 years old.

I am thankful for all of the time we had with the girls before we moved. I am so happy I got to be around for the first few weeks of Sadie Joy's life. I am also very thankful for Facebook, blogging, email, text messaging, picture messages, mail, and Skype! These are all ways Tyler and I can keep in touch with our family. Last week we Skyped with Scott, Christina, Leila, and Sadie; it made my heart happy. I think Leila was a bit confused about what was going on because she kept saying "Follow me guys!" like we were right there and could follow her. So cute.:) Christina told me that the next day Leila asked to watch a movie. When Christina asked her which movie she said, "Uncle Ty and My Tiffy." I guess she thinks if she can see us on the computer, she can also see us on the TV!

Even though we are far away now, it will just makes the times we get to see them so much sweeter.


  1. Whenever we Skype with my parents Delaney makes comments about how she wants to go to Grammie and Grandpa's house and see the sheep, dogs, etc. She doesn't understand the distance thing, and it makes me so sad to tell her that we can't just pop in. BUT, it's so much better than just a phone call and you can see the girls' I'm rambling, but know that I feel for you!