Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Apartment

Tyler and I have spent the last couple of weeks settling in. Our boxes are finally all unpacked; I am stoked to longer be suffocated by boxes! When we found out Tyler got the job in Moses Lake we needed to find a place to live within just a couple of weeks. We weren't sure if we should try to find a house to rent or just get an apartment. We finally decided to get an apartment (which is on the same street as our new Church; talk about convenient!) until we learn more about the area and where we would like to live. Moses Lake housing is so much more affordable then Southern California, so we are actually hoping to buy a house within the next couple of years. :) There are some beautiful developments in Moses Lake and so we look forward to learning more about each development and where might be a good place to settle more permanently.:) For now, we are enjoying our new apartment. We have upgraded from a one bedroom/one bath in Riverside to two bedrooms/two bathrooms in Moses Lake. The extra space is nice! We also have a laundry area in our new apartment which is a big blessing. I love being able to do laundry in the comfort of our own warm, cozy, space. The thing I am probably enjoying the most is having a bathtub. We didn't have one in our last apartment which was a bummer since I love taking baths. I am thankful for the new place the Lord has provided for us (have I mentioned it's only 3 minutes from Starbucks?!...God is good!). Here are some pics of our new place; some of our walls are still looking a little too bare (our walls are also white, which I don't like, but hey, it's not forever right?!) for my liking, but I know with time I will collect some new additions for our walls.:)
Living Room

Dining Area

I won't bore you with pics of my laundry area and washer and dryer, but I just had to show you the shelves Tyler built for me in our laundry area. I can't even reach the shelves in the laundry area, which makes getting simple things like extra linens, detergent, and the iron inconvenient. Tyler built these 2 shelves so I can have easier access to everyday things. I love being married to a handy guy!

This is our 2nd bedroom...office/guest room. Still working on this room and finding some decor for the walls!
Guest Bathroom
Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom

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  1. WOW!!!! That looks so great and nice and homey and decorated so well so fast!! We wish we could be there to have a nice evening with you guys! But I love it! So glad that you are already settled in!!