Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Reason To Praise

Okay, so you must be wondering why I posted a picture of me holding a Walmart receipt. Let me explain!

I have been blessed to join a bible study at our new church which meets on Tuesday mornings. I have only been going the last 3 weeks and I have already been so blessed by it. We are reading "What Happens When Women Walk in Faith" by Lysa Terkeust. This past week one of the chapters we read focused on praising God more. Lysa writes, "What is distracting you from praising God more often, and how can you make praising him more often a priority?" The very day I read this chapter Tyler and I had a big reason to praise God!

When Tyler and I first got married we lost our health insurance (we were both on our parents). Tyler was only working 30- 35 hours a week at The Grove (he needed to work 40 for us to qualify for insurance). I was only subbing the first year of our marriage so I did not qualify for benefits. We quickly decided to look into private health care plans and assumed we would find one that would fit our needs. Little did we know that because of my health condition, the medicines I need, and previous surgeries I have had, etc, I would be denied by every insurance provider except one. The only insurance provider willing to take me on wanted an astronomical amount for coverage per month. Don't even get me started about turning down someone for insurance because of a pre-existing condition...I have strong feelings.;) For the past year and a half Tyler and I have had to pay for all of our health care costs out of pocket, including all of my medications. My insulin resistance injections cost $300 per month by themselves. $300 a month for just one medication! We have had no choice but to pay for my injections every month, as well as for my other medications and doctors visits. There was no way around it; I have to have the medicine. The month before we moved to Moses Lake we spent over $400 on my medications.

So where does this praise come in? Tyler got an awesome new job and we now have awesome new health insurance! Instead of paying $300 a month for my injections, we now only have to pay $40! Praise God! Tyler and I both praised God after we picked up my medicine and that is the reason for the picture of me with the receipt! I have been praising God all week for this blessing and for his provision.

I must also praise God for providing for all of our health care needs the past 18 months. Although the cost for my medications has been astronomical, every month God provided has provided for my each and every one of my needs. I have never gone without any medicine I have needed. He is good.

What praises do you have for God this week?


  1. What a blessing! Sounds like this move to Moses Lake was definitely part of God's plan for the Ellis family. :)

  2. This is so great Tiffany! It's neat to see how even through a tough situation you and Ty continued to show obedience to Him. I am praising God for my job! As hard as it is a times, it truly is a blessing! Miss you guys!