Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We are Here!! (This will be the first of many blogs about the move!)

Hello World! We are here in Moses Lake and it sure feels good!

The last month of life has been trying. I think I had at least 2 meltdowns per week prior to our move. At one point, I laid on our bed for 40 minutes sobbing and telling Tyler I wanted to crawl into a hole until our move was over. I know, a bit dramatic, but let me explain.

From the moment we found out we were moving, my life went into overdrive. Here is why:

#1: I found out that I would need to finish my 1st year of BTSA (the California teacher induction program) in just 3 weeks. I hadn't even started the inquiry process yet and suddenly found out that I would need to finish it all very quickly! I seriously thought I was going to have a panic attack when I found out. The good news is I finished in under 3 weeks! My supervising teacher was amazing and took time out of her busy schedule to help me plan my inquiry and finish on time.

#2: I had a Masters class to take in February. Talk about adding fuel to the flames. Taking a class alone is a lot of work and stress, but add to it working, a big move, and completing BTSA and what do you get? A very stressed Tiffany. I also needed to finish all of my coursework for the class 1 week early since during the last week of class we would be in the middle of moving. Thankfully, my professor was very understanding and allowed me to do so. I don't know how I did it, but I managed to get an A+ in the course. I didn't miss one single point. I know the Lord gave me the strength and endurance to complete it.

#3: I worked up until 4 days before our move. I love (I guess I should write "loved." Sad.) my job, but I definitely struggled to be "present" during the last couple of weeks. My mind was constantly swimming with all of the things I had to get done. I had a great last week with my kindergartners and was so blessed by the love and encouragement from my students' families. I miss my job and students so much already.:(

#4: Did I mention we were preparing for a huge move? Just getting prepared for the move was huge. I kept thinking about how much work it was to just move 2 of us; imagine families who have children...whoa! Tyler was so amazing through the whole process and took care of most of the details, because I was so busy with the tasks mentioned above that I just couldn't handle anymore "details." Not only did we have to prepare and plan for our move, but we were dealing with the emotional aspects as well. It's not easy to say goodbye (I prefer "See you later") to your friends and family. Riverside has been my home for 2 years and it's just been the past few months that it finally felt like home. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Tyler and I are supposed to be in Moses Lake, however it still hurts to leave family and friends and know we won't see them nearly as often. There are so many emotions involved.

Can I just say that this made me crazy too? For those of you who know me well, you know I am all about no clutter...this just wasn't working for me!

Can I also mention that my husband is wonderful? I wonder how many posts I have mentioned that in? Oh's true. During the past month he has taken such good care of me. He cooked most of the meals, did all of the laundry, cleaned, packed, wrote me love-notes, brought me flowers and Starbucks, held me when I cried, and even offered to do my homework (don't worry...I didn't let him!);). He did everything he possibly could to make everything easier for me.

Okay, this is enough for blog #1 about the move. More moving posts to come!

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